Eat Bike Love

Its been quite a while since I have posted on this site.

In spite of covid and lockdowns, I have been busy operating a small Canadian business, which seems to be outlasting lockdowns and covid 19. Here it is but enough of self promotion, not the purpose of this post

When this third lockdown (in Ontario) was announced. I needed something to get me through it.

So every morning I move my stationary bike in front of the smart tv, and open YouTube and search virtual bike tours (now I don’t have too, it recommends bike tours, which is a wonderful surprise) Turn off the lights and emmerse myself.

I have posted on Facebook everyday- a travel diary, I suppose. I have virtually toured over 40 cities and biked over 600kms. It’s been great. Some cities are on my bucket list. Some I probably will not get too so those tours were really interesting. Some cities are now on my amended bucket list.

Our world is stunning and beautiful

Some of my friends have statred biking as well. I will include some of the links below. Enjoy!

Eat Bike Love


Credit to all the wonderful people who uploaded these videos


Capture Children’s School Art

If you have school aged children in your household you know there are plenty of pieces of art, tests and school projects. It is difficult to keep every masterpiece but even more difficult to throw them away.

For many years now, when the kids bring home tests and artwork, I snap a picture and upload it into a photobook. The original art stays on the fridge for a week or two and without guilt it is thrown away.

At the end of the school year the kids and the teacher can see their whole year in a hard covered compact photo book. The teachers even write a note in the photobook!


Sketch by my grade 8 daughter- good job KT! Now also captured on the web!


Equal credit to my son – good job ST!

Easy DIY Halloween Costume- Mars Bar


Seiously easy, inexpensive and warm during those cold Halloween nights!

2 black Bristol boards – cut off 4 inches off both boards so you end up with 2 even long rectangles
twine,string or yarn – for shoulder support – the final costume will like a sandwich board
4 pieces of red construction paper
gold glitter glue

Look up or buy (the best option!) a Mars bar for the logo
Do your best to replicate!
Have fun!

Plexiglass Gallery Frames

cool idea!!!

Plexiglass Gallery Frames

Let me start this post off by saying how absolutely in love with these frames I am. We did this project last weekend and still every time I walk in to our bathroom they make me smile because they fit the space so perfectly. I feel like in the process of decorating all the rooms in our house this year I’ve learned to get rid of all the clutter and pick things that really stand on their own. We wanted the bathroom to be really organic and sort of “nature-ish” so I knew I wanted to incorporate some of these photos on a wall that previously had floating shelves. Photographs are a fantastic way to bring a pop of color into a room without any major commitment because you can very easily change them out. These ones were photos I took on our trip to Miami at the beginning of…

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The World’s Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle Corks

very cool