Easy Cherry Chocolate Brownie


My approach is, how do I create something yummy and with as little fuss as possible. We are all so busy. Taking a small amount of time, exploring and experimenting leads to every recipe or idea that I love to pass on. I hope you enjoy this easy, three ingredient recipe!

Preheat oven as per instructions on box

1 Chocolate Cake Mix

follow cake mix instruction to create batter


1 can of cherry pie filling
2 cups of milk chocolate chips

Follow Baking instructions


Pumpkin Spice Caramels

Allison Eats


And so, the pumpkin/pumpkin spice craze continues… this time in the form of delicious and chewy caramels.

Last weekend I had a long-standing kitchen date/caramel-making lesson with my friend, Carissa. I’m always happy to forgo my diet in the name of helping others! After we finished our first batch of basic salted caramels, which I was impressed only took us one try (I suppose at this point I’m a little more seasoned in the dangerous art of caramel), we decided to make a second batch with a seasonal spin. So Carissa whipped up some homemade pumpkin spice (I’d recently run out-big surprise), and we added it to our base recipe. What I love about caramel-making is once you master the basics, its so easy to customize the flavor, especially since the ingredient list is minimal and the process is rather quick, you can easily whip up multiple batches in one…

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