Big C Juice

Allison Eats





For my birthday earlier this year, my parents banded together and bought me a Hurum slow juicer. I’d been aching for one for so long before I finally got this gift that keeps on giving, and we have definitely been making good use of it! I try to make a pitcher of juice every week and replace most breakfasts with a nice, cool, glass full. We haven’t gotten too adventurous yet with the juicer, but it does come with a very thorough recipe book that includes everything from baby food (no rush there!) to making crackers with the pulp.

Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather, and took a day off from work to recuperate. It worked out perfectly that I’d already bought the ingredients for carrot-orange juice, because a boost of C was just what I needed!

I decided to call this juice “Big…

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